Welcome to 1202 - The Human Factors Podcast

About 1202 - The Human Factors Podcast

What are we doing?

Barry Kirby explores aspects of Human Factors, from practitioners in the field, through Processes and Tools that are useful (or not) and other Information and News that may be beneficial. For HF people to keep in touch and non-HF people to hear what we do.

Why 1202?

We suggest you listen to Season 1, Episode 1 and you will get the detail, but in short, the podcast was born in the anniversary year of Apollo 11 landings, and just before the landing on the moon, there was a spurious alert that nearly aborted the landing because no one knew what it meant.  This alert was 1202 (and then later 1201).  The alert turned out not to be too serious, but it took time to work out and determine the risk and impact, all because of a meaningless number.  Barry thought it would be great to bring this into the podcast, also because he is fascinated in all things Space.


Making the Magic Happen

There is a lot of options available for anyone wanting to start their own podcast, so here is a breakdown for what Barry uses to deliver his content:


Software and Hosting

  • Website - Podpage (This is this website, Podpage is specifically made for Podcasters)
  • Podcast Host  - Blubrry (This holds the main audio and graphical content, and is where the RSS feed propogates from)
  • Calls - Zoom/MS Teams 
  • Streaming (coming soon) - Restream.io


  • Mixing Desk - Rodecastor Pro
  • Main Mic - Rode Podmic