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Matt Jackson

Design And Development Of Systems (CIEHF Competence 4)

HF Tools for Embedded displays – A discussion with Matt Jackson

When this was recorded, it was the 1st birthday of this podcast, so Happy Birthday to us.  There are precious few HF tools that are made with the input of HF practitioners who use them, but VAPS has been the mainstay of a number of my projects that rely on the ability to design an interface, implement it and for the embedded output to reflect what you started with. Matt Jackson has worked with Presagis for most of his career, but in that time, he has been embedded with clients to help them deliver the best results, as well as feed back to the VAPS development team just what the tool should do in the future.  In this interview, Matt reflects on his role being sandwiched between his own Software team and us as HF practitioner clients, as well as putting a bit of light on standards such as ARINC 661.