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Ian Peterman is the Autor of a new book, Conscious Design which has just launched. Conscious design is a philosophy Ian uses within his team, to create brands and products that restore and sustain our planet.  


This interview talks about how we can embed through-life thinking in our everyday work.  


To find out more about the book: https://www.consciousdesignbook.com/

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Ian PetermanProfile Photo

Ian Peterman

CEO / Author

Mr. Peterman grew up surrounded by design, engineering, accounting, and entrepreneurial people. He started his first business with his brother at the age of 12. While that one didn’t last longer than a couple years, it sparked the capacity to continue working for himself while working day jobs. After working as an engineer and designer for over a decade within startups and companies like HP, Mr. Peterman decided to start a design firm with several partners. A couple years later the partners all went in different directions and he found himself still not having the company he had wanted to create since before high school. Working with the visionaries of the world helping them create thriving businesses from their exceptional ideas. So, he founded the Peterman Design Firm.

He’s passionate about green-tech, the outdoors, space, and developing new technologies that can help humanity move on to better things. The firm began with just Mr. Peterman in his garage, growing to now have a team of designers, engineers, artists, business consultants, and marketing experts. All helping the firm’s clients and their companies reach their full potential. We enjoy supporting existing companies in evolving their brand and developing new products that serve their clients and we pride ourselves in offering visionaries and startups full-service support in the launch of their company from early ideas to their first sales. The firm’s mission is to be the global leader in the design and launch of innovative and sustainable technologies, products, and brands and we have the team to do it. When not working toward that mission, he’s with his family enjoying life.