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Proactive Learning - An interview with Dr Marcin Nazaruk

October 09, 2022

Proactive Learning - An interview with Dr Marcin Nazaruk
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Current approaches to defining and understanding safety risk can be seen to rely heavily on incidents occurring or near misses being reported. Dr Marcin Nazaruk talks with Barry about a new approach he is driving called Proactive Learning, or in layman's terms, how we learn from normal work.

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Dr Marcin NazarukProfile Photo

Dr Marcin Nazaruk


Marcin Nazaruk enables senior and executive leaders to transform safety and safety culture through the practical application of industrial psychology, human factors, human performance, and safety II.

Key areas of focus include:
- learning from normal work - find precursors of your next accident and change how leaders think about safety
- get 30-200% more insights from incident investigations
- improve risk reduction by integrating error traps/constraints into risk assessment
- design and deploy human performance strategy
- modernise and transform safety leadership with my cutting-edge training
- reduce procedural non-compliance by understanding the psychology behind non-conformance

Learn more about Marcin's work: www.marcinnazaruk.com