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Public Spaces and Aging Populations - An interview with Prof Charles Musselwhite

November 22, 2021

Public Spaces and Aging Populations - An interview with Prof Charles Musselwhite
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An interview with Professor Charles Musselwhite about his research into the design if public spaces and how we need to be thinking about the aging population. Not only embracing the fact that we all age, but that we should also have enjoyable spaces to engage with as we age.

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Charles Musselwhite Profile Photo

Charles Musselwhite

Professor / Researcher

I hold a Chair in Psychology at Aberystwyth University. My research interests involve applying psychology to understanding and improve mobility in later life enabling people to stay connected to people, neighbourhoods, communities and to the things they love doing, including road user safety in later life, giving-up driving and creating age friendly neighbourhood. I am Co-Director of research projects – the Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (CADR) and the Transport and Health Integrated Research Network (THINK). I am Editor-in-Chief for Elsevier’s Journal of Transport & Health and on the editorial board for Age Cymru’s publication, EnvisAGE, and Elsevier’s Research in Transportation Business & Management journal. I enjoy watching and playing football and coach my kid's under 14s team. I run (really slowly) and enjoy food (hence the need to run!)