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Jill Poots

Postgraduate Researcher

Jill became interested in Human Factors during her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Aberdeen. Supervised by Dr Amy Irwin, she investigated safety culture and non-technical skills in agriculture workers for her undergraduate thesis. She remains an associate member of the University of Aberdeen's Applied Psychology and Human Factors group. She is currently pursuing a PhD in the Psychology Applied to Safety and Health Lab at Leeds Beckett University investigating Human Factors in telemedicine.

E/HF Theory And Practice (CIEHF Competence 2)

Human Factors in Agriculture - An interview with Jill Poots

Feb. 21, 2022

A domain that has always held an attraction is Agriculture, and even more so with the development of technology that is being utilised to enable fewer people on a farm to do a lot more. From GPS enabled tractors to the use o…

Guest: Jill Poots