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Professional Skills And Implementation (CIEHF Competence 5)

Review of 2021 - With Jo Polson

We look back not only at 2021, but at all the podcasts to date and pick our favourites, as well as look at the other statistics such a location and popularity.

Design And Development Of Systems (CIEHF Competence 4)

Air! with Prof Paul Lewis and Jo Polson

We breathe it every day and are very aware of the larger issues of air pollution and the future effect on humanity.  But what about the day to day, what does it do to the performance of the human body and how should we be measuring it? Professor Paul Lewis, an expert who not only lectures at Swansea University but also advises the Welsh Government on Air pollution gives us an insight into the main issues we should be concerned about, ranging from the actual particulates to the modelling data that is used, as well as the legislation that is already present, and what is coming down the line. Jo Polson, MD of Vindico goes on to give us a glimpse of what he is doing to help us get ahead of the game in terms of sensor capability, but also drives the message home that the data is only the first step, its about what you do with it that counts, or as he would say, how do you #ThinkPurple with it? To contact Prof. Paul Lewis: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-lewis-4857588 To contact Jo Polson: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jopolson/