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Lee Waters

Lee Waters is a Welsh Labour and Co-operative politician serving in the Welsh Government as the Deputy Minister for Climate Change since 2021. Waters has served as the Member of the Senedd (MS) for Llanelli since 2016[1] and was Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport from 2018 to 2021.

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Users and Government Digital Strategy – an Interview with Lee Waters MS

To have a successful user experience takes more than just a good user interface, it needs to have the user centred approach at the core of the product and the business. In this episode I talk to Lee Waters MS, who (at the time of recording as there is now an election) is the Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport, and more importantly for this interview, the lead for AI and Digital in the Welsh Government. We talk about the Digital Strategy for Wales and his motivation for driving it. It builds upon the "System Reboot" panel report which he led before becoming a minister. But he also reflects on the real world examples of why this is important, using the technology to solve residents problems, rather than just technology for technology sake. We also touch upon decision making during the pandemic and how that has been different, not only in terms of the technology, but the decisions themselves. As always, feedback is always welcome, just drop me a line :-)