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Mark Sujan

E/HF Theory And Practice (CIEHF Competence 2)

AI and Digital Health SIG – An interview with Dr Mark Sujan

One of the areas where Human Factors is getting more traction is within the Healthcare sector.  It is still a slow burner though with lots more work to be done, and this is getting more urgent as new technologies are available to make procedures and processes better and potentially support more effective patient outcomes. Dr Mark Sujan has taken this challenge head on by launching the Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health Special Interest Group with the CIEHF.  In this episode, we find out more about Mark and his motivations, as well as what his intentions for the SIG are. The Link to Marks LinkedIn is here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-sujan-951202185 And his consultancy, Human Factors Everywhere is here: http://humanfactorseverywhere.com/