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Dr RS Bridger is past president of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human factors in the United Kingdom. He is an experienced consultant and educationalist in human factors and Ergonomics and has supported safety investigations in the UK in Health Care and in the Maritime sector. He offers on-line training in many areas of human factors and ergonomics via his company, ‘Knowledge Sharing Events Ltd.’ He is the author of several books: the textbook, ‘Introduction to Human factors and Ergonomics’, now in its fourth edition; and ‘A Guide to Active Working in the Modern Office’ both published by CRC Press.
For further information, visit his website www.rsbridger.com

Professional Skills And Implementation (CIEHF Competence 5)

Publishing Human Factors books - An interview with Bob Bridger

Aug. 15, 2022

We all have our "go to" reference book: but how do you go about writing and publishing such a thing? Past President of the CIEHF, Robert Bridger, gives us an insight into the art of writing, publishing and updating Human Fa…

Guest: RS Bridger